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  • This is more a question for Erik and GFOA. Will revisions and changes to study materials made subsequent to the publishing of the exams and the candidate guide be integrated into future versions of the test? For example, some of the Best Practices have ...

  • Posted in: COVID-19 Forum

    Timothy, I did have a clarifying question. I went ahead prior to the final rule coming out and determined our revenue based on calendar year (12/31) instead of our normal fiscal year end (6/30) so I was able to run a calculation through 12/31/2021 (e.g. ...

  • Posted in: COVID-19 Forum

    Good afternoon GFOA friends, I began entering our Project and Expenditure Report that is due on January 31 for our ARPA funds. We are an entitlement community. I'm a little confused because I thought expenditure reporting (the third column titled ...

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    RE: Fuel Card Program

    Posted in: General GFOA Forum

    We just went through switching from Fuelman to WEX (about 150 vehicles) about 3 months ago. It took about 3 weeks to get everything set up and have cards delivered. I have been very pleased with the program. The only thing I had to provide besides a ...

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    Fuel Card Program

    Posted in: General GFOA Forum

    Good afternoon everyone: My Township is exploring the idea of utilizing a fuel card program as a backup to our existing onsite fuel tanks, just in case we incur fuel delivery disruptions. Has any municipality signed up with WEX Inc, and if so, could ...

FINE(ance) Fridays Podcast

  • Lisa Marie Harris, Director of Finance at the San Diego Water Authority joins us for episode eight of the podcast. Growing up in San Francisco as the eldest of seven kids, Lisa Marie speaks quite candidly about her experiences of being in a family of limited means.

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