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    Training and Prep for Exams

    I am going to schedule my first exam for the Accounting and Financial Reporting section. There is an extensive list of video training on the GFOA website for this exam. I won't have time to review every video, so, if you have taken the exam, on which ...

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    Posted in: General GFOA Forum

    We don't participate in that program. We participate in the Budget Presentation program. We have not had that type of scrutiny specifically on our department yet. ____________________________________ Thank you for the privilege of your time! ...

  • Posted in: COVID-19 Forum

    I thought the same thing until I ran a preliminary calculation/review and the amounts came in much higher than I anticipated. It really depends on the revenue growth adjustment rate from 2017 - 2018 - 2019. ------------------------------ Nathan Reinhardt ...

  • Posted in: COVID-19 Forum

    One of the big unanswered questions for us relates to the inclusion of "stormwater" management as an eligible use under infrastructure. We do not manage our own water/sewer (an outside entity does) but we do have stormwater/drainage infrastructure costs. ...

  • Posted in: COVID-19 Forum

    Hi, I have a question on the hazard pay. The limit is 150% of the average state or county total annual pay, whichever is greater. The stimulus package includes a 4% raise for the state employees. I would imagine that we would take the current state ...

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