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    Projects Now and Later

    Posted in: General GFOA Forum

    What small or large projects are you looking to finish by the end of the year? Are there any major projects you're looking to start in 2024? ------------------------------ Timothy Martin Senior Manager for Digital Experiences GFOA - Research and Consulting ...

  • Posted in: General GFOA Forum

    We look forward to 2024 and introducing you to the Public Finance Journal , a biannual journal publishing peer-reviewed research that examines and analyzes contemporary issues in public budgeting and finance and explores the applicability of solution ...

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    Program Offers

    Posted in: General GFOA Forum

    Does anyone request that departments to submit supporting documentation to justify the cost of a program in a "Program Offer" format when preparing the budget? The goal of program offer budgeting is to succinctly describe how department resources ...

  • Posted in: General GFOA Forum

    Hi Melinda, Please find my PPT attached. A few slides are specific to issues in our community but I hope it is helpful. The final slide was really well received (a colleagues idea - I can't take credit) but there is animation built in so best to ...

  • Posted in: General GFOA Forum

    Hello! GFOA highlights the City of Pittsburgh's deliberative community forums in its Rethinking Public Engagement paper . Here is a link to a more detailed report on the City's approach: city-handbook.pdf ( Thanks, Katie ------------------------------ ...

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  • This podcast features a conversation with Francisco Ordaz. For Francisco, his challenges were an opportunity to find the beauty out of life and the silver lining of compassion found in simple acts of kindness. You will hear an immigrant’s story of financial struggle and perseverance.

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