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    We used TASC for several years. Their service started out pretty good, but then started declining after the second year after they went through some kind of merger or restructuring. As long as there were no issues, everything was fine, but dealing with ...

  • Posted in: General GFOA Forum

    We are not happy with our current third-party administrator for our FSA and HRA. Our local benefits broker does not have a recommendation. We would appreciate all recommendations for and all warnings against any firms with which you have had experience. ...

  • Posted in: General GFOA Forum

    Good afternoon, Are there any cities in Texas that have paperless environments in their Finance Departments? We are looking to increase our efforts in going paperless in the Finance Department here and would like to possibly visit a City that does so ...

  • Posted in: General GFOA Forum

    Good afternoon everyone, Does anyone have a Risk Management Policy regarding Property, Liability and Windstorm insurance that they don't mind sharing? ------------------------------ Jennifer Leverett Senior Accountant City of Bay City Bay City ...

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    RE: Slack vs Teams vs ???

    Posted in: General GFOA Forum

    I agree with others that Teams is the way to go, if you are using other Microsoft 365 products anyway. The integration with Outlook and Sharepoint is useful to me. I wouldn't say I like chat programs better than email, but they can be useful for a simple ...

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  • This podcast features a conversation with Francisco Ordaz. For Francisco, his challenges were an opportunity to find the beauty out of life and the silver lining of compassion found in simple acts of kindness. You will hear an immigrant’s story of financial struggle and perseverance.

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